Narwhal gifts

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Narwhal gifts

Our hand shaped narwhal is a great gift for all. Show off the unicorn of the sea, made of the drawing of the designer’s hand. Your love for critters already inspires praise from others, and now you will get even more admiration, thanks to these cool t-shirts, mugs, ornaments and other narwhal gifts.

A narwhale is a medium-sized toothed whale that lives in the Arctic. The males are distinguished by a long tusk, which is actually an elongated upper left canine. A long time ago, these tusks were sold as unicorn horns, for huge amounts of money. People believed that they were the cure for many illnesses. Also, kings and queens had dishes and utensils made out of these “unicorn horns”. They trusted that these dishes and utensils had the power to neutralize poisons.

This cute critter is also featured in our English and Spanish ABC books and our English and Spanish ABC posters for the little ones at home.

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About our gift products

The Hand Critter gifts are sold in the marketplace at the online retailer Click on any product image to open the product page at our zazzle store. There you will find more information about the product, and options to customize it to your liking. Clothing, for example, have different options for women, men, kids, or babies. There is a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and more available. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page, or contact us.

The Hand Critters are available on many gifts for animal lovers, such as t-shirts, mugs, ornaments, cases for iPod, iPad and iPhone, and more.

The Hand Critters also star in two ABC books and two ABC posters for the little ones at home. We have an English ABC book and a Spanish ABC book.

About the Hand Critters

The Hand Critters are an ever-growing family of cute hand animals and other critters, human, real, and fantastic, made from the outline of their creator’s hand.

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