Spanish ABC book of Hand Critters

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Spanish ABC book of Hand Critters

This Spanish ABC book is filled with unique animals and creatures, from A to Z, or rather, from the bee (abeja) to the fox (zorro). Each unique and colorful critter was developed out of the shape of their creator’s hand.

Give the gift of a fun book that will inspire children’s creativity and provide an imaginative and unique way to learn the ABC’s in Spanish. This is the perfect choice for the inquisitive preschooler in your life. With a little imagination, your kids will discover that the drawing of a hand can become anything you dream, from the midday sun to the smile of the moon!

Spanish ABC book of Hand Critters on
Spanish ABC Book sample pages

Spanish ABC Alphabet poster for kids

You can also have the Spanish ABC book of Hand Critters as a 28" x 20" poster for your kid’s room, classroom, library, or any other room that you can use to help your child learn the ABCs. This poster is available at online retailer

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