About the Hand Critters

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The origen of the Hand Critters

Where do we come, you ask? Why, from a hand! Yes, despite our differences, we are all born of the same hand.

Playing with the Hand Shark
Goofing around with the Hand Shark

It is the hand of a man who started thinking about hands one day, when he was waiting to become a father, and he started dreaming: dreaming of a little hand grasping his, of his hands hugging a new little person. . .and then, when Little A arrived, hands became even more important: hands to caress a sleepy head to sleep, hands to rock, hands to hold and support during first steps. . .hands hands hands. . .where would we be without these handy tools?

So, he thought, what else can come from my hands? And he closed the door (because by now Little A had learned how to talk and walk and sometimes even interrupt her father’s work), and sat down to draw (yes, that is something else that one can do with hands). And out of his hands came the drawing of a hand and right then and there was born the first Hand Critter: Love Hand, the firstborn, the one that started it all (because Love is also a big part of parenthood). And after that first difficult birth out came tumbling more. . .Lions, and Ninjas, and Whales, oh my…a whole menagerie of animals, characters and fairy tale figures.

UPDATE: Little A now dances too!

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